Grant Thornton Not for Profit sector report

In today’s ever evolving business environment, NFPs on both sides of the Tasman are intrinsically striving to develop and maintain professional standards in how they manage, operate and govern their enterprises.

What Works

After a very inspiring webinar with Community research here are some more resources to support with evaluation of your projects. This site helps the people who make Aotearoa New Zealand a better place – especially smaller community groups who can struggle to show the value of their work. It aims to help people gather robust […]

Vulnerability Report- NZCCSS

For the last 6 years the NZCCSS Vulnerability Report has tracked the experiences of the families affected by the impacts of the Global Financial Crisis and the organisations that work alongside them. The report shows that, apart from a short period in the 3 years immediately post the Global Financial Crisis, funding for social services […]

The Future of Work- David Haigh

A new word has been introduced into the English language: “The precariat”, an emerging social class with job insecurity. Included are immigrants, young newly educated with high student loans to repay and people who have been made redundant from industry.

Health and Safety at Work Act

The new Health and Safety at Work Act came into force on 4 April. The Southland Community Law Centre has developed a series of useful templates in response to the changes in order to assist NGOs. These templates include a Health and Safety Policy, Governance Health and Safety Policy, Hazard Register and Hazard Notification. The […]

Towards a Living Wage

Towards a Living Wage – What will it take? Where are we at? Anne-Marie Coury Economists continue to talk up the value of the Living Wage as an effective intervention that will ease the pressure of rising inequalities on families and communities. Thomas Piketty and Max Rushbrooke have both written books providing the analysis of […]