Housing Issues in Auckland

Recently, I went to hear Alan Johnson (Salvation Army Policy Analyst) speak on the topic of housing, and how Auckland got itself into this mess. Here are some of my thoughts on the speech.

Salvation Army “State of the Nation” report David Haigh

The Salvation Army “State of the Nation” report suggests a number of contradictory indicators at work in New Zealand’s wellbeing. This report publishes in 2016 provides information and some rationale for the selected indicators. In particular, while average weekly wages have increased inequality is also rising. This demonstrates the dangers of using averages without acknowledging […]

Governance Essentials for Volunteers

Governance Essentials for Board and Committee Members is an on-line governance training course developed by Governance Strategies and Xperts for people in governance positions to understand the key aspects of the role. Real-world learning is spread across four weeks (up to 3 hours per week) with interesting weekly research and reflection assignments. Governance Essentials for […]

How new health and safety laws affect volunteers and charities

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 comes into force on April 4, 2016.  The new legislation does provide exemptions for volunteer organisations, associations and charities. If you are running a charity or a volunteer organisation it is important to know where you fit under the new workplace health and safety law. Read an […]

Housing Issues in Auckland

David Haigh’s summary and impressions of Alan Johnson (Salvation Army Policy Analyst) talk on the topic of housing. Housing Issues in Auckland

ADCOSS Publication: Community Development and Social Change

ADCOSS Publication: Community Development and Social Change.  By Ewen Derrick   ADCOSS has recently published the forth edition of this popular community development book.  The publication contains all the original material from Ewen plus four new papers written by experienced social practitioners.  Earlier editions were read by many people including community workers, students, policy analysts, […]

Health and Safety at work

A reminder that the new Health and Safety at Work Act will come into effect in April 2016. The following link will take you to a short summary prepared by Megan Thomas, and links to further information so you can prepare for this in your organisation.

Experiences of parents in the CBD

Plunket and SKIP are looking for parents to interview for our CBD project – Experiences of parents living in inner city Auckland. The design team would like to gain an understanding of what parenting is like for families living in the inner city and in particular those families who have children under five. They are […]

The Causes of Poverty

The recent debate on poverty in New Zealand presents a number of arguments, manifestations, causes and solutions. Many see the root causes in the neo-liberal polices since the mid 1980s, policies that resulted in the further enrichment of the wealthy and a consequential growing gap between rich and poor.

2018 census consultation

Ask the Statistics Department to Keep Unpaid Activities in the 2018 Census Content The Statistics Department are currently consulting until June 30th on which questions to ask in the next census in 2018.  We encourage you to express your views and to take part in this consultation on their website www.stats.govt.nz/Census/2018-census. On this website they […]