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School type: Secondary School (Year 9-15)

Our vision for the school is realised through four learning priorities: inclusive, strength-focused, the creative and the critical.

Our purpose is to connect and inspire men.

Looking for support for you and your family? The Family Services Directory lists organisations in your area that can help.

Family Works Northern is a professional, not-for-profit organisation that’s here to support families in every way we can.

Catering for boys and girls Years 1-8, our programme is based on three platforms: striving for academic excellence, presenting the best material our cultural heritage can offer, and practising mindfulness, including philosophic inquiry.

An online tool that helps locate an Early learning Service in your area- direct from the Ministry of Education website.

Our school vision is: To create a stimulating, inclusive learning environment which engages, empowers and enriches learners to prepare them for their future world.

We are a large, unashamedly busy, Auckland primary school catering for students from Years 1 – 6.

Situated in Glen Innes, a diverse East Auckland suburb, we strive to produce students who will not only be able to hold their own as they move through the educational system – but to excel.