ADCOSS is an incorporated society, acting as an umbrella organisation covering the Auckland isthmus and including groups and individuals committed to the ADCOSS mission statement.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Coordinating the city network of social services
  • Holding seminars on topical issues for social services
  • Writing articles and responses to analyse local decisions and provide a voice for the Auckland community
  • Actively supporting initiatives which share common goals i.e. Living Wage campaign, AAAP impact days etc.

ADCOSS Vision:

“An inclusive society with active citizenship, active participation, mutual respect, valuing everybody equally, with opportunity for everyone to develop their full potential and to live a dignified and fulfilling life.”

 ADCOSS Mission Statement:

“Building networks of contact and activism and creating platforms for public discussions to elicit innovative and relevant ideas and information.”

Who we are:

ADCOSS is an incorporated society building networks and platforms that include organisations and individuals committed to our Vision and Mission


  • Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi – Participation, Active Protection, Partnership
  • Social justice: equality, equity and fairness
  • Community empowerment and self-determination
  • A voice for the voiceless
  • Sustainability and interconnectedness in organisations and our eco-systems
  • Do no harm

Strategic Focus Areas

  • Fostering social justice: equality, equity and fairness
  • Empowering communities in self-determination
  • Finding a voice for the voiceless
  • Promoting sustainability in organisations and our eco-systems that in turn support a sustainable environment
  • Recognising interconnectedness
  • Dissemination of information on social policy issues, social legislation and policies
  • Education and advocacy on social and community issues
  • Coordination of projects and programmes that promote our Vision and Mission
  • Liaison and networking to encourage active civic participation
  • Building social capital
  • Co-design platforms to enable research by academic institutions which contribute meeting the needs to community organisations
  • Communication and raising awareness of ADCOSS work and outcomes

Executive Committee members:
Chairperson: Beate Matthies
Secretary: Joan Lardner-Rivlin
Treasurer: Rika Werner

Further members: Judy Blakey, Laurel Taufauata, Bronwyn Richardson, John Fawcett, Thurai Thuraisundaram, Janice Dowle