Community Law Manual 2016-17

The Community Law Manual 2016-17 is a trail-blazing resource that helps Kiwis (and their advocates) help themselves.

The Manual contains over 800 pages of easy-to-read legal info, on just about every area of community and personal life. Re-released every year in July, the Manual provides comprehensive answers to common legal questions.

There have been huge changes to this year’s edition, especially in employment and health and safety law.

The usual price of the manual is $150 with a 33% discount to NGOs making the price only $100. Community Networks Aotearoa is happy to facilitate bulk buying for our members, and in turn their member organisations/networks, which will reduce the cost even further.

If we receive 10+ orders, the manuals will only cost $85 (plus $7.50 p&p) or even $75 (plus $7.50 p&p) if we receive 20+ so please let us know if you wish to order a copy by emailing Fionn on  by 31 August. The more who order the cheaper it will become for all!

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