Housing for Older People- consultation

Auckland Council owns 1,412 units across Auckland, providing homes for older people with a housing need.

Many villages are in locations that are not well-connected to services like public transport and shopping centres, need upgrade work and are not meeting tenant satisfaction.

The council is proposing to partner with a third-party social housing provider to form a new Community Housing Provider (CHP).
We think that, by changing the way we manage this portfolio, we can provide better housing for older people.

The new CHP will have expert input from the chosen partner and will be entitled to access the government Income Related Rent Subsidy (IRRS).
It will also consider and undertake refurbishment of the council’s current portfolio, over time, to improve its quality.
This will be carried out under a management agreement and a development agreement.

We’re asking Aucklanders, particularly those that may be in need of this service, whether they support this change.