To provide for our Cook Islands people the equal opportunity to be more involved in the various activities, that we have established, be it competitively or socially and to provide the services required with our utmost capability.

The opportunity for all to, associate, gather together, and interact with each other more openly without the barriers of division or category thus encouraging the concept of togetherness within our Community
To continuously develop and enhance a stronger bond in relation to, Sports, Culture and Religion whereby these ethics can further be employed and conveyed for the benefit of our Cook Islands people in the greater Auckland region.

Our objectives are to unite the Cook Islands people of Auckland through Sports, Church and Culture by providing the support to encourage them to perform and achieve at their highest level and to provide and promote Sports, Church and Culture in a respectable manner.

We organize the annual Cook Islands Sport Field Days events for the Cook Islands people in the Auckland Region encouraging and fostering the spirit of friendship and good will amongst all members of the Cook Islands Communities and encourage and attract our Cook Islands youth to participate in sports, church and cultural activities. .
We encourage participation in the Biennial Labour weekend tournament organised by the Cook Islands New Zealand Sports, Church and Culture Federation as well as a time for Cook Islands people living in New Zealand, to congregate and keep alive our traditional beliefs and values.


Our Address:

31 Driver Road, Mangere