The Mika Haka Foundation exists to ignite young minds and transform bodies towards better lives through the performing arts and physical culture.

The Mika Haka Foundation (MHF) is a charitable trust formed to deliver the inclusive vision of successful Maori artist and entertainer, Mika, of an extraordinary future for all young New Zealanders – in particular, young people from diverse backgrounds and minority communities.

The Mika Haka Foundation invites people of diverse ethnicities, cultures, sexualities and religions, living in Aotearoa/New Zealand, to find pathways towards better health and education opportunities through physical culture and the performing arts.

We aim to provide young people with direction and create an understanding of self-discipline and boundaries. Maori refer to this as Tikanga. This direction helps to empower young people to set goals and take responsibility for their own lives. We promote healthy living and always aim to lead by example.

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