Vulnerability Report- NZCCSS

For the last 6 years the NZCCSS Vulnerability Report has tracked the experiences of the families affected by the impacts of the Global Financial Crisis and the organisations that work alongside them.

The report shows that, apart from a short period in the 3 years immediately post the Global Financial Crisis, funding for social services has remained static yet demand has soared to higher levels than ever previously experienced.  “There is a real contradiction in government support and our members’ experience. Work and Income’s Special Needs Grants for Food have decreased by 28% from December 2009 to December 2015 but the demand for food parcels has skyrocketed. Housing New Zealand waiting lists have dropped from over 10,000 (2009) to 3,500 (2015) yet the requests for emergency and social housing support have become overwhelming”, said McGlinchey. “Government has relied too heavily on the response of community organisations, charities and service providers to meet the needs of those with the least in our communities”.

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