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Parnell Heritage’s purpose, as defined by its constitution, is to further the preservation, study, knowledge and dissemination of information about the heritage of Parnell, with an emphasis on the people, space, buildings, natural environment and…

Every year thousands of people pass through our doors at the Jubilee Building to participate in community classes and activities; attend meetings, weddings, seminars, church services and numerous other gatherings within the venue;.

Planet FM is a not-for-profit community based radio station.

Celebrating the community, past and present, which makes up this piece of Auckland known as “Point”.

This is a community facility for the local community. Your interest and input are needed by providing ideas and feedback on activities.

Our vision for Recreate is to create a multi-purpose youth space, while also providing high quality out-of-home experiences for youth with disabilities.

Our purpose is to recognise, appreciate, preserve and share Remuera’s past and present.

A dedicated youth space for the young people of Auckland, located in Wesley.

Silo Park is a free public space that can be enjoyed by both young and old. During the summer season, Silo Park plays host to more than 50 events, activations and exhibitions attracting people from all over Auckland.

Our vision is to nourish courage, compassion, and community in Auckland’s inner city.