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The Alliance Française is a worldwide network of non-profit associations dedicated to the promotion of the French language and the cultures of France and of the many French-speaking countries around the world.

Formed in 2001, this is the association for Nigerians living in new Zealand. We seek to promote cultural values and serve as a forum for Kiwis of Nigerian origin to interact with each other and with their local communities

We provide free legal advice, assistance and information to those experiencing financial and personal hardship. Our free education seminars are open to the public

Provides Social Services to migrants from Latin America and other parts of the world as needed.

ARMS is Auckland’s specialist settlement support agency, providing support and assistance for skilled migrants, international students, other work visa holders, former refugees and their families.

To work towards meeting the needs of the Asian seniors, children, youth and all other new settlers, and to facilitate the successful integration of Asian new settlers into wider New Zealand society.

Korean Society of Auckland’s vision includes celebrating and promoting awareness of cultural harmony and multicultural identity.

The main purpose of the Trust is to empower young Chinese people to maximise their potential, and ultimately to contribute to New Zealand society.

Informs and promotes Pacific and Polynesia events and entertainment as well as family events.

Planet FM is a not-for-profit community based radio station.