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ASST works to create a safe and supportive environment for all asylum seekers. We provide access to information, services and resources so asylum seekers may effectively pursue the determination of their refugee status, and thrive in their new home.…

Helping Aucklanders in desperate need by providing excellent integrated services and effective advocacy.

Provides Social Services to migrants from Latin America and other parts of the world as needed.

To work towards meeting the needs of the Asian seniors, children, youth and all other new settlers, and to facilitate the successful integration of Asian new settlers into wider New Zealand society.

We provide affordable rental accommodation for people with high housing need.

Our service aims to keep families united in a safe and dignified environment, and help them address the issues that have lead to them being homeless.

Family Works Northern is a professional, not-for-profit organisation that’s here to support families in every way we can.

The Trust offers a range of housing services that supports low income families to find affordable and appropriate housing as well as preparing them to sustain their own home.

We have over 25 years experience in social justice, community action and social service provision. As community social workers and advocates we participate in processes to influence those who exercise power and make decisions affecting the lives of…